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Scamworld: ‘Get rich quick’ mutates into an unstoppable monster

Dive into Scamworld, home of the modern day ‘get rich quick’ scam that has overtaken the internet. Learn how a network of pitchmen harnessed the internet to build the ultimate pyramid scheme. Read the full article at The Verge:
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Vector Marketing SCAM!

Hot Topic: This was an improptu vlog. I got a letter in the mail from VECTOR MARKETING the exact same bullshit they sent me last summer. It talks about offering summer job oppurtunities when in reality all it is, is a big ass pyramid scheme. They con young ppl into being door to door salemen and saleswomen. You end up paying into buy 0 knife sets, they claime you’ll make .25 an hour and when in reality you NEVER see a dime of that money. WATCH OUT PPL THIS IS A SCAM DON’T BUY INTO IT!!!! ALL MY OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Question: have you ever been approached by VECTOR MARKETING? If so do you think it is a scam? CONTACT ME: Skype: jia.ireland PS3 Online: Jia92
Video Rating: 4 / 5