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Funky Shark – Truly the first fully compliant (legitimate) MLM Penny Auction! – Make money online. Funky Shark is the FIRST, fully compliant and legitimate MLM Penny Auction. If you’ve been burned in the past but LOVE the idea of Penny Auctions, take a look at Funky Shark! * Available Worldwide * MANY ways to earn for both ACTIVE and PASSIVE members! * No Recruting or Selling is necessary to earn passively! * 50% of Penny Auction Profits Paid Daily! * 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee I know thousands of people were recently hurt by another penny auction site closing down. To be honest I too was a member, but I never promoted it because there were things that I was not comfortable with. I’ve also researched all the copy cat programs out there too and every time I looked closely at them, I found things that caused me concern and I passed on all of them. Well finally someone got it right! Scott Walker who has launched many successful mlm’s and affiliate programs over the years and is a multi million dollar earner, studied the REAL penny auction companies and has now taken that knowledge and launched Funky Shark, the first of it’s kind legitimate penny auction site where every single form of compensation comes from a REAL source of income. So Many Ways to Get PAID! Global Profitshare Pools Fast Start Bonuses/Monthly Residuals Bid Pack Purchase Bonuses Generational Matching Bonus Infinity Matching Bonus Retail Value Bonus Listen as Scott describes the Funky Shark business: LIMITED TIME Opportunity to become a

22 – The Online Leader in PennyAuctions and Network Marketing Welcome to Penny60PRO! We are next generation of penny auctions and network marketing. We offer a powerful affiliate model for our penny auction website. We offer our affiliates unlimited earning potential because we pay out 75% on all auction profits and an additional 20% commission on bid pack purchases; as well as residual streams of income. Join us on one of our many webinars and let us show you how we work and how we are unlike any other auction site or affiliate network you have ever seen — even if you think you have seen them all. Once you see how we operate, we are certain you will never look at penny auctions or networking marketing the same.
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