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Guru Product Blueprints: BONUS: iPad 3 – A review of Guru Product Blueprints by Eben Pagan

Go to for more info on Guru Product Blueprints by Eben Pagan. ========================================================== How to get your BONUS iPad 3 1. You need to clear cookies on your computer then click my LINK above. 2. You will need to Enter your information into the Guru Product Blueprints Opt-In box, if you have already subscribed you will need to create a new email and sign up with that email. If you don’t then i wont be able to give you the bonuses because some one else will be credited for the sale. 3. Purchase from my link and Forward a copy of your order confirmation to along with shipping information (where we should send the iPad to) 4. ONCE the refund period has expired i will purchase an iPad 3 for you. you will have to pay the full amount for the course before i credit you with the bonuses ============================================================= If you like this video, please “Like it” and share it! Guru Product Blueprints is a 10-week training program that will teach you how you can create your own information product and market it online successfully. There is a proper, proven way to create a best-sellling, money-making product, and millions of ways to create a product that will flop. This program shows you exactly how to create a successful product that will make you the money you deserve. Not having this information can cost you dearly. Having created many info products in the last ten
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