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Chronic Profits Review-DONT Buy Chronic Profits Chronic Profits Review- I am recommending that you hold of on buying Chronic Profits until more reviews come in. I always tell my students to wait 3 weeks before buying any launch because you can see if the product is any good…and save a ton of money that way. Most big launches are garbage anyway. The way these people make money is by promoting each others products regardless of quality which I don’t think is right. In fact, most people don’t even look at the product…they just use the email the merchant gives them. Anyhow, I am hoping this video will save you money by waiting to purchased Chronic Profits The following is an article that Elaine wrote on Chronic Profits hronic Profits is the title of an e-book by Jamie. Its subject (as you can probably guess from the title) is the popular topic of niche marketing. As titles go, this one is nearly as off-putting as the recent stream of “Death of” and “Killer” books but shock and sleaze get attention where being pleasant gets ignored, so allowances have to be made. The content of the sales page was, however, intriguing enough to get me to part with my . The sales page for Chronic Profits asks in its heading: “If You Knew How To Easily Create One Single Page Website That Earned You 00 A Year… If You Knew You Could Create That Site In Just ONE DAY… If You Knew That This Site Would Be Putting Cash In Your Pocket In Just A Few Days Time… HOW MANY SITES WOULD YOU MAKE?” Further on the sales page
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