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InstantLP 3.x demo (how to make a site in 5 minutes)

See how I make the site in just about 5 minutes with InstantLP.I am being honest, I myself could not hand code a site in less time than that. So see what can do for you, and your business. The final site built in the video includes a youtube video, aweber signup form, affiliate product review page, a functional contact form with CAPTCHA, and a Sitemap page that makes a human readable sitemap of all pages, and also a search engine submittable xml sitemap.
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WordPress Affiliate Review Templates

Check out WordPress Review Site Templates at and learn how to drive traffic to your affiliate review websites with a free ebook at: Anyone who has used affiliate marketing to make some extra money has probably used some form of affiliate review site when promoting a product. Recently Chris Rempel developed what he called the “Conduit Method” which is basically a very simple way to promote 2 or more products of a similiar nature with a review of each product…thus the affiliate review site. Originally a few marketers developed some common html affiliate review templates to make the affiliate review process much easier. Neil Harvey took the affiliate review templates one step further by developing a simple to use wordpress affiliate review template or theme. It’s perfect and allows for visitor content contribution through comments. If you are considering giving affiliate reviews a try, check out the wordpress affiliate review templates at: and don’t forget to stop by my blog to pick up the free ebook on 10 easy tips for fast traffic to your affiliate review sites
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