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Copy Paste Cash Review How to Work From Home Online

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Easy FB Commissions – Get a REAL Review

Real Review: – Check out Easy FB Commissions and see what it can do for you. Easy FB Commissions is a app that available for both the PC and Mac and users of Facebook can take advantage of it to earn a substantial monthly income from somthing you already do. Easy FB Commissions is a Facebook marketing course and software that will take any Facebook user or non-user and turn them into a online marketing powerhouse earning easy commissions day after day with ease. The 2 guys behind the product are Justin Michie and Sean Clark who both have extensive knowledge with affiliate marketing as well as selling their own products. They have earned millions online in just the past few years alone and are highly respected as they share what they know with the many thousands of others that have learned their strategies to also earn massive commissions. To learn more about Easy FB Commissions, be sure to visit my review site at the link in the video.
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Official Sigma Beauty – AFFILIATE PROGRAM

Visit us online at: Here is a brief introduction to the Sigma Affiliate Program, this video gives you a step by step introduction to our new program and how to sign up! Please contact with any questions. Subscribe to the Sigma Beauty Official Youtube Channel: Follow the Sigma_Beauty Twitter Page: Become a fan on Facebook: Subscribe to the Newsletter to receive information about new products and promotions: Disclaimer: This video was sponsored by Sigma Beauty.


Hyper FB Traffic Review – Is this Facebook Traffic System Right for You?

In this Video Review I cover the Hyper FB Traffic (hyper Facebook Traffic) system. Hyper Facebook Traffic versus Free Link Traffic! I’ve been getting some email questions on this product and Although it is Not a Scam, people are wondering if it is the Right Product to get Social Media Traffic. Facebook Traffic doesn’t need to be Complicated or Costly. I would suggest this product for Advanced Marketers Only… If you are a Newbie (beginner) to Affiliate Marketing, and you have a Very Tight Budget to work with. There is an alternative plan that focuses on getting Totally FREE Traffic, Leads and Sales to the Links in your Profiles, Sites and Blogs. Affiliate-Bivocation and the Social Seed Profit Plan is going to cover All the Basics of building a Complete, Social Marketing Campaign, which includes strategies that work on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace… virtually any Social Network where you can build a Profile and Share your Links. No offense to HyperFBTraffic… but it’s just not the right option for most Beginning to Intermediate Online Small Home Business owners. Learn How to be Subtle & Genuine when you Share Links to your Unique Facebook Social Profile, and you will get natural & organic Traffic.


Facebook Influence Official Product Review

FB Influence: In this video, I actually walk you through the purchase-process as I go in and buy a copy of Amy Porterfield’s newest course: FB Influence. This is an honest and real review from someone who personally knows, supports & wholeheartedly endorses Amy and per program! What is FBInfluence? If you want to promote your business on Facebook’s 8 Million Member strong platform using FB Business PAGES, this course walks you through every step of the process in perfect detail! My Favorite Part: FB Influence is only and it included Lifetime Access to a Private Members Group where you can interact and connect with like-minded business owners! Check out FB Influence for yourself: FB Influence: **And yes this is an affiliate link, and YES I get paid when you purchase through my affiliate link. Once you go through the course, you’ll want to tell your friends too 😉


Review Engine ROI and Fan Reviews App

Review Engine ROI and Fan Reviews App info at Review Engine ROI Review Engine Review Engine Review Review Engine Reviews Fan Reviews Fan Reviews App Fan Reviews Application fan reviews Facebook app Facebook marketing social marketing affiliate marketing Review…


Affiliate Marketing How To Get More Visitors To Your Sites In this video I walk you through the funnel of how to get more visitors to your websites. Most of this is from Using Facebook. This is all about being social and knowing how to build your sites reputation so you can become an authority site. I also go over adsense ads and how to help increase your earnings in Hubpages. I also take you on a tour of some of my websites that are blog sites that make money from either adsense, affiliate links or my own information products. This tutorial and website tour is approximately 15 minutes in length. It is the longest Youtube video I have done but I felt it would give everyone some really good ideas on how to set up different niche sites. I hope you will enjoy this one Please give it a comment or hit the ol’ like button if you get some juice out of it. I would like to be able to get this in the hands of many in hopes it will help them out. Stay well, Rhonda Giarraffa
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The Facebook ATM Review – Making Money on Facebook

The Facebook ATM Review – Making Money On Facebook

When I heard there was going to be a launch of a product called Coffee Shop Millionaire, it intrigued me so I pulled some strings and was able to get a look into what this product was all about, so here is what you get when you become a member of Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Before I begin, I have to tell you that this product is set up in a very unique way, it basically has self made millionaires telling how they were able to become exactly that. Since there is so much content within this product I am going to try and tell you exactly about each section of the course but since there is so much that comes with this product I will not be able to cover all the specifics of Coffee Shop Millionaire, because it would make this article way to long.

So here are all the sections that you will get if you become a member of Coffee Shop Millionaire, before I go further I think it is important for me to note that each of the video’s are Standard, High Def, and can be Downloaded in video, audio, or pod casting formats.

Cash Machines Section – This is broken down into 4 parts and they are:

Local Cash Machine – shows you how to make an extra $500 to $2000 as a local internet marketing consultant, this is a very easy to get going. This does not even require cold calling or anything like that. They even show you how to outsource if you do not want to do this yourself, and even though it is local they show you exactly how to do this in other cities as well.

Newsletter Cash Machine– This shows you how to get money anywhere from about $1,500 to $3,000 a month by sending simple email newsletters to customers and subscribers and website visitors of an existing business. Essentially it is list management, and the nice part is you are getting paid to leverage other peoples assets.

Article Cash Machine – this shows you how to make money as a Freelance Article writer. This shows you how to start out with no experience, no clients, etc. and how to start earning $5000 a month in income, very fast. This is broken down into 3 parts

1. Brief introduction on article writing, success mindset, setting up “Tools of the Trade”
2. How to quickly write and deliver articles.
3. How to get paying clients fast.

Video Cash Machine- This shows you how to create 30 to 90 second promotion video for local businesses and exactly how to get this up and running.

Million Dollar Launch Secrets Section – This is then broken down into 15 parts, each part is fairly self explanatory:

  1. Product Creation
  2. Army of Affiliates
  3. Art of Launches
  4. Getting Affiliates Excited
  5. New Partnerships
  6. Keys to a Mega Launch
  7. Launch Contest
  8. Launch Processes
  9. Meet Big Players
  10. Rolling Launches
  11. The Launch Schedule
  12. The Ultimate Product Pack – 21k System
  13. Underground Affiliates
  14. Upsell Path
  15. Webinar Replays

Skill Set Video’s Section – This is then broken down into 3 parts that each then go into a lot of detail, that slowly builds up your knowledge of internet marketing:

Beginner – Covers Fundamentals, Mindset, and Keyword Research

Intermediate – This covers Blogging, Membership Sites, Million Dollar Sales, Traffic ( this includes Ad Swaps, Forum Marketing, Link Building, PPC, SEO, Podcasting, Press Releases, Video Traffic, JV Traffic.)

Advance – This covers The Next Level, Advanced Webinar Replay

The next section is Tech Tutorials – this section covers just about any technical question or problem that you may ever come across, it is broken down into 13 Parts:

  1. Registering Domains
  2. Hosting Setup
  3. Modify Content
  4. Autoresponder Setup
  5. Adding Audio and Video
  6. Adding PayPal Button
  7. Adding ClickBank Payment Button
  8. Blogger Setup
  9. WordPress Setup
  10. Upload using FTP
  11. PHP Redirect
  12. Elance
  13. EzineArticle Submission

The next section is Your Content Library (pretty self explanatory)

Bonuses Section – Kevin Wilke, Now I am sure there is more coming in this BONUS SECTION, however I am getting a look at this product ahead of the actual launch so I am not completely sure what all of the bonuses are.

Rolodex Section – Is divided into 2 parts they are:

Rolodex – This has a list of basically all the RESOURCES that you are going to need in running a profitable and successful online business.

Coffee Shop Millionaires Interviews – Once again I am getting a look before the actual release of the product, however this is where there are going to be interviews with people who have started out with basically a job at a Coffee Shop (hence the name for the product) and have made themselves into millionaires.


PRO’s of Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • They give you a complete model of how to start a profitable online business.
  • You can start setting up your online business by just doing it part time.
  • They give several ways for you to start making money online, so you do not have to follow just one way of starting to create an online income.
  • You can learn from real life examples of people who started essentially from where you are, and are now millionaires.
  • All of the ways that Coffee Shop Millionaire explains on how to start a successful online business, are very realistic and easy to implement. So if you get this course and do not start earning money online, then the only person you have to blame is yourself for not TAKING ACTION.
  • Although this is a membership site, it will most likely save you money in the long run of things, this is because most people buy a product and then purchase another product as soon as they get an email in their inbox selling them on the newest way to start making money online. However if you know that you already are going to be having a certain amount of income going towards your membership fee you are going to be less likely to purchase another product and stick with just this, which if you follow their easy directions you will be able to start earning money online.
  • The other upside is that since it is a membership site you are going to be getting the newest and best information, on internet marketing.
  • Coffee Shop Millionaire is perfect for both new and experienced internet marketers, because it covers each of the ways to make money online very well.
  • A lot of the income streams that Coffee Shop Millionaire shows you how to make can be outsourced either in the beginning or after you start to make money with it and can then afford to outsource it.
  • You get your money’s worth from the Content Library alone.

CON’s of Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • It is a membership site, I am not usually very fond of sites that you have to keep renewing each month. (although you could get this product and then download all of the initial content and then unsubscribe from the site.)
  • There is so much information that it is possible that some may get information overload, however unlike most products where you are learning just one single system, you will be able to learn about several different ways to create an online income and some of these are very easy to start implementing right away.
  • As with most internet marketing products, experienced internet marketers may get bored with certain parts of Coffee Shop Millionaire, because they will already know some of the parts that are covered by this product. However that is to be expected with most products in the internet marketing niche.


Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very well put together product that will show you several different ways to start making money online, and very fast as well. The nice thing about this product is that since it shows you how to create multiple streams of online income, you can get one stream of income flowing in and then start on another.

It would be very realistic for someone to expect to be able to start earning a part time or even a full time income from what they learn from Coffee Shop Millionaire, it is even quite possible to become a millionaire after you begin to take action and start creating multiple streams of income, from what you have learned with this product. Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very good product for anyone who is serous about earning money online.

Is The Facebook ATM a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this Making Money on Facebook System to find out the truth and get a complimentary FREE The Facebook ATM Bonus Download!

The Facebook ATM Review – Making Money On Facebook


Work at Home United Review – What is Work at Home United?

Work At Home United Review – What Is Work At Home United?

Would you like to learn the secrets of making money on Facebook using The Facebook ATM system? This course promises to help its members make at least $1,000 every month and beta testers have all been able to achieve that goal by looking at the income results that they have gotten. This course covers a lot of major topics that few other systems teach about Facebook, simply because there are also very few experts on Facebook marketing right now.

1. How Has The Facebook ATM System Helped Me Thus Far?

After going through the first chapter of the course, I was able to get a much better understanding of the marketing power of Faecbook, and understanding its fundamentals has made me very excited about its potential for use with affiliate marketing to make money. It also explains why Facebook is the superior social media marketing site today and how you can make full use of the site to maximize traffic generation to your sites. By mastering FB marketing strategies, I definitely have increased my income by tapping on the many opportunities for traffic generation on Facebook.

2. What Are Some FB Marketing Strategies that One Can Learn By Following The Facebook ATM?

The main domination strategy of this system is called FM Domain Domination strategy and reveals several unique social media marketing strategies. There also a whole of host of other strategies called FB Application Strategy and Earning Money From FB Marketplace, all of which reveal techniques that I have never learned before from other Facebook marketing ‘gurus’.

3. What Are Some of the Contents Included Inside The Facebook ATM Package?

There are a total of 12 strategy guides in this package that also come with step by step video training tutorials broken down as follows:

1: Run your Facebook Autopilot
2: How to Make Money Online
3: Group Creation Magic
4: Make Your List Working for You
5: Maximize Your Exposure
6: Beat Google AdWords with Facebook Ads
7: Killer Fan Pages Creation
8: Perfect Landing Page
9: Killer Fan Pages- YouTube & Twitter Magic
10: Shop Integration
11: How to Use iFrames to Sell on Fan Pages

Besides these main guides, I have also found the bonus materials such as Unlimited Traffic with YouTube, Twitter Blueprint Success and The Blogging Money Machine to be very useful for learning other useful aspects of online marketing.

4. Who Created The Facebook ATM Course and Can You Really Trust Her?

She is Georgina Lany and so far I have found her to be a very credible coach on the topic of making money with Facebook marketing. She has previously served many different types of clients including large companies, small local business owners and other types of associations to help them promote their brands online.

Whether you are a part of Work at Home United and want to learn how to market more effectively online or are looking for a way to make extra money online you can visit to learn more.
Stephanie Page is a Work at Home Mom who has a deep desire to see people living free in all areas of their lives. She is a member of the worlds largest internet marketing and mentoring program and is working to grow her own business online. She believes that the answer to living free financially is to take advantage of the opportunities of the internet.

Work At Home United Review – What Is Work At Home United?


It Works Marketing? A Skeptic’s Honest Review

It Works Marketing? A Skeptic’s Honest Review

Sokule is the latest social media craze that really just began. If you are reading this article I assume you have at least heard of it by now and are trying to figure out exactly what it is. The idea of this social media tool is to streamline Twitter, Facebook and Myspace into one for online marketers or anyone who is looking to get the word out about something.

In addition to the big 3 social media giants, Sokule pings 30 additional social media sites. This tool will literally allow individuals to get the word out in a split second about any opportunity or event worth sharing. One way to look at this is like twitter on steroids and I get the feeling that many people will begin to turn off their email notifications from websites like Facebook when this begins to take off.

The membership is free for the basic membership but in order to start earning the 50% commissions on referral you will need to upgrade. The upgraded memberships are bronze, silver and gold. These memberships have a fee associated with them but will allow people to both drive traffic to their affiliate programs as well as earn a referral commission.

This represents another great tool for those who are looking to increase awareness about an opportunity they promote. Chances are you can earn additional income while promoting something which is your primary business. A great win-win situation for internet and network marketers alike and expect Sokule to be almost as recognizable as Twitter.

If you’d like to learn the secret to working from home with It Works Marketing, click here: It Works Marketing!
This review of It Works Marketing has been updated due to recent company growth. Check out the revision here: It Works Review (UPDATE)

It Works Marketing? A Skeptic’s Honest Review