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Easy Profit Bot – In-depth Analysis of The Software .As a Web designer,SEO expert and a Super Affiliate, Furquan Hassan took the so called automation software Easy Profit Bot to its limits. Find out results at http
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Affilorama Review – Affiliate Marketing Training Reviewed

Affilorama Review – Affiliate Marketing Training Reviewed

Wealthy Affiliate is not one of those scam techniques to make you wealthy in just a few days without doing anything. However, it has complete training and a step-by-step guide to help you to make money online. In this article, I will give you a complete review of Wealthy Affiliate because it may change your whole life by helping you build your own successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools to make you successful including easy website builders, one-on-one training and top-notch education to guide and make you understand through every step of affiliate marketing. It is a breath of fresh air for those who get frustrated by purchasing an internet marketing product only to discover that they would need to buy more related products to complete the package and to reach where they actually want to be.

Wealthy Affiliate has a complete 8-week course to teach you exactly how to build a profitable online business by taking you through the entire process from start to end. It is simple enough to be understood by anyone and thorough enough to help you start making six-figure mark in weeks. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete product to hold your hand from beginning and take you all the way to make you an expert at affiliate marketing, even if you are new to making money online.

As mentioned, it is a complete product having all the tools you may need for internet marketing success such as keyword lists, lists of profitable niches, keyword research tools, website templates, advanced market research tools and even website hosting. Expert highly recommend “Site Rubix” in its system as it helps you to create highly-professional and most profitable websites in few minutes without dealing with any coding or technical knowledge of web development.

Just like any other successful product, there are some flaws in it too. For instance, there is no doubt about the fact that Wealthy Affiliate has created countless success stories but for beginners, there is no real direction available. Sometimes, it is observed that it has too much material to absorb for beginners unless you would start to inquire about everything in their official forum after checking out their different modules.

Overall, it is a great product and if you are convinced to make money online, it has everything for you to make another successful story of great entrepreneur as many successful internet marketers owes their success to Wealthy affiliate already. I hope this review would be helpful to give you an honest guide and useful information about it.

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Affilorama Review – Affiliate Marketing Training Reviewed


Dan Ho – Expert Author

Dan Ho – Expert Author

There are five major external forces that affect your sales and marketing efforts. They operate outside of any specific organization and companies are, for the most part, at their mercy. Are these forces hindering or enhancing your success right now?

The General Economy

Economic factors include the nature and direction of the national economy in which a company does business. For international entities, it includes the global economy. We know that consumption is affected by the wealth of the population, and business people must plan accordingly. Some major considerations include the availability of credit and the amount of disposable income in a given market. Both inflation and interest rates and a given country’s GDP are other economic factors that can hinder or help your marketing efforts.

Social Beliefs and Attitudes

Humans are conditioned to respond to different stimuli in unique ways. Whether it is through the general culture, family units, education, or religion, we are trained to react positively to certain things and negatively to others. Society imposes beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles that are adopted by the masses. These attitudes change frequently as people make an effort to accommodate the demands placed on them by the world around them. As they do, demand for certain styles of clothing, technological devices, leisure activities, and other products/services increase while demand for other alternatives fades away.


Political factors include the legal and regulatory issues that control industries and individual businesses. There are several issues to consider here including fair-trade decisions, antitrust laws, taxes, wages, and other government activities designed to protect different classes within society.


Technology continues to improve at an exponential rate. The best companies stay on top of technological changes and use them to get more work done in a shorter period of time. Marketers must be aware of the changes that may affect their businesses and industries. New devices, strategies, and techniques can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and avoid obsolescence.


This concept refers to how humans interact with the physical environment. More than ever before, the world at large is concerned with pollution and the loss of habitat and biodiversity. This has ramifications for companies in nearly every industry and has even spawned “green” products and businesses.

How are these factors affecting your business? If one or more of them is hindering your sales and marketing success, now is the time to get creative. Think of ideas that will enhance growth and move your company forward.

Vern How has been earning online back in June 2006. He has tried and tested thousands of dollars worth of programs since then. Today, he is a successful affiliate marketer who believes in giving back by helping others. To find out how Vern can help you work from home go to… Simple Riches [] For more information on a fool-proof strategy to profiting massively on the Internet, just check out his genuine Reviews About Isagenix – The Alternative [] website.

Dan Ho – Expert Author


What Is Clickbank? – More Than You Know

What Is Clickbank? – More Than You Know

Since you publish your newsletter on a regular basis, sometimes it’s difficult to find newsletter ideas for your next issue’s content. You sit in front of your monitor and stare at the white screen where the typing cursor is blinking… but your mind doesn’t seem to come up with any ideas.

Here are 10 tips to help you find good article ideas…

#1. Make an Ideas List

If you’ve been writing articles for a while, you know your brightest ideas don’t usually come to your mind when you need them. Actually, you usually get the best ideas when you’re doing something else and thinking about another thing.

But everything changes when you decide to sit and write an article… you get the writer’s block. You really need a good idea for your next issue… but your mind doesn’t help a bit.

The solution is creating an idea list. Whenever you get a bright idea, just add it to your list. After a short time, you’ll have a list full of creative ideas for your next 20 issues at least. So whenever you want to write an article, you simply take a look at your list and choose an idea you feel like writing about.

I’ve been using this technique for almost a year and it has really helped me write better articles faster and easier!

#2. Do a Little Keyword Research

Find out which keywords your target market are searching in search engines. Then write an article about it. So not only you will provide your subscribers with the exact information they’re looking for, but you may also get a top ranking for that article in search engines – which will bring you lots of targeted traffic for free.

Wordtracker is an essential keyword research tool that I always use to get many keyword ideas and find out how many times people have searched for them. You can also use Overture free keyword suggestion tool.

#3. Ask Your Readers

To turn your subscribers into loyal readers and win their trust, you should provide them with the exact information they’re looking for.

The easiest way to find out “what” exactly they want to know is simply adding a “Ask the Editor” section to your newsletter. Soon you will receive lot of emails from your readers asking you for advice about various topics.

You can choose the most common questions and problems and write an article about it. So you’ll get lots of great article ideas for your future issues. What’s more, your readers will love your newsletter for providing them with the exact information they need!

#4. Study Forums where Your Target Market Hangs out

More and more people participate in forums these days. One of the reasons is because you can get professional advice for free. And this is exactly what makes forums a great place for you to get bright ideas for your newsletter content.

You simply need to go to the forums where your target market hangs out. There you will discover many of the most common questions and problems your target market has. So you can write helpful articles about them.

#5. Browse Article Directories

There are many article directories available online. You just need to browse related categories to your newsletter topic and take a look at article titles. They will inspire you and give you awesome content ideas for your newsletter.

Here are some of the largest article directories…








#6. Review Other People’s Products

You might know many great books, software programs, and services that will benefit your newsletter readers. So why not write an honest review about one of them to help your subscribers make the right decision?

What’s more, you can join their affiliate program and earn a commission from every sale you make via your affiliate link. This can make you a lot of money because if you provide your readers with a honest review about a useful product, many of them will buy the product and you’ll get a commission.

Just remember your role as an affiliate is NOT to sell. It’s the most common mistake affiliates make. Selling is the duty of the merchant. Your role is PREselling. It means warming up your visitors and putting them in an open-to-buy mindset.

I had almost no affiliate income before I discovered this secret. Then a friend recommended me Make Your Content PREsell – An awesome ebook about the #1 secret to affiliate marketing success.

I owe a big part of my success to this ebook. I highly recommend it! You can learn more about it at:

#7. Interview an Expert in Your Field

People like to hear success stories and learn how successful people have reached to where they are now. You can interview successful people in your field by email or phone.

Well-known experts are usually very busy, so they won’t accept long interviews. In general, the more famous an expert is, the shortest your interview must be or they won’t accept it.

The experts you choose to interview should not necessarily be very famous – like multi-millionaires. They hardly accept to let you interview them. You can interview an ordinary person who has been fairly successful in your field.

#8. Write How-To Articles

You can write how-to articles about almost anything. People love how-to articles. Here are some sample titles…

* How to Go to Sleep in 3 Minutes

* How to Cure Your Headache in 5 Minutes without any Medicine

* How to Look 10 Years Younger

#9. Give a Certain Number of Tips, Ideas, etc.

People love articles that promise to give a certain number of tips – like this article :). These articles are also easy to write. For example you can easily find 3 tips about any topic and turn it to an article. Here are some title examples…

* 5 Tips on How to Deal with an Overbearing Boss

* Top 10 Questions to Ask in an Interview

* 9 Creative Home Business Ideas to Start with Less than $100

#10. Use Guest Articles

Don’t feel like writing an article or just don’t have the time? No problem. You can publish someone else’s article in your newsletter for free. I’ve introduced some large article directories here in this article in Idea #5.

Since it’s much easier to copy and paste a written article than spending time on writing your own, you may be tempted to use guest articles as your main article in many of your issues. But do yourself a favor and don’t do it too often. Let me explain why…

What’s the goal of your newsletter? Isn’t it to win your prospects’ trust and prove your expertise to sell them your own products or affiliate products? So if you don’t write the majority of your newsletter articles yourself, how can you prove your expertise?

# Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you get creative article ideas for your newsletter. But if you haven’t found a good idea yet, don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t point a gun to your mind and order it to give you a great idea or you will shoot. :)

After all, it’s YOUR mind. It’s what has always helped you in your business… and your life. So be kinder to it. Relax and take sometime off. Go outside and let your mind rest for a while. Don’t even think about your newsletter.

Then get back to this article and try to find a good idea. If you get an idea for your next issue, well done! I’m happy for you!

But if you still can’t seem to come up with anything, no problem. Just send a message to your readers and let them know you won’t publish your newsletter this week/month.

And remember… your happiness, your health, and enjoying your life is what matters the most. You don’t have to write your newsletter until next week, next month… or even next year. Your newsletter is just a small part of your business… and your business is only a small part of your life.

Wish you happiness, health and wealth! :)

Ladan Lashkari

You can get your hands on an excellent resource called the “Complete Clickbank Guide” that you can find at for literally the cost of lunch at Burger King. You don’t want to pass up this 30 page bargain that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet. You will learn ALL you need to learn about dealing with Clickbank.

What Is Clickbank? – More Than You Know