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Commission Breakthrough Review- (ALERT! DON’T BUY UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO!)

UPDATE: Commission Breakthrough will no longer be for sale. This is due to further investigation by Clickbank responding to several customer complaints about the product, and I will give more information about it as well in a video that will be released soon. I will not be promoting as many clickbank products in the future, as these programs are not as upfront as they should be. I will be moving more towards warrior forum products. —————————————————————————————————- SPECIAL: The program I personally love that taught me everything I now know about the FUNDAMENTALS of affiliate marketing can be found here:


Clickbank Pirate Review

How ClickBank Pirate Generates Income for You As the name suggests, ClickBank Pirate helps you to earn commissions based on selling products from the ClickBank marketplace. If you’re not familiar, ClickBank is a retail marketplace focused on selling digital goods. It is popular with affiliates because it is very easy to get started. Just sign up for a free account and you automatically become an affiliate for everything that they sell. When a customer clicks on one of your links, he or she is directed to the product’s sales page. Sales are tracked automatically and they pay commissions on a weekly basis. What Does CBPirate do to Help? Sure, getting a ClickBank account is easy; but how do you get people to click your links, and once they do, how do you make sure the they buy the product so you can get your commission? ClickBank Pirate helps in both ways, but it focuses on solving the latter problem by utilizing a tried-and-true method. One of the biggest challenges of an affiliate marketer is conversion. Basically, conversion is when the customer who clicks on the affiliate’s link purchases the product, earning the affiliate a commission. The main problem here is that a very low percentage of customers will buy the product when they first see it. What many in the industry have done to combat this is to send potential customers to a “squeeze page” that entice and collect some basic information so that the affiliate can follow up later to help urge them to buy. As an
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