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Commission Assassin Review

Commission Assassin Review: Watch my honest review of Commission Assassin review. Commission Assassin is a brand new Youtube SEO video course by Todd Dowell. I had the chance to get exclusive access to the course before it went live and in my opinion this is a strong product which can help your bottom line. The main concept behind Commission Assassin is to drive traffic to your squeeze page using a variety of social media techniques, the main one being Youtube SEO. One of the very unique angle Todd covers is how to piggy-back on trending Youtube topics to grow your list. This is a rather unique approach that not many marketers are using and is one of the 6 techniques described in Commission Assassin to grow your list. Commission Assassin also shows you how to drive traffic to your squeeze page using facebook traffic (fanpages and ads), sponsored tweets and solo ads. Todd gives away a list of all his backlinks provider so you won’t have to search very far to drive traffic to your squeezepage. The next part of Commission Assassin reveals how to monetize your list with affiliate marketing, hence the name Commission Assassin. Todd reveals inside a very cool way to get in a top affiliate network for free that i actually wasn’t aware of. Inside Commission Assassin there are 10 videos and 3 mindmaps showing step by step how to perform all the techniques mentioned above. Todd will also host a live webinar on Saturday where you will be able to interact with him and ask any
Video Rating: 5 / 5