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Azon Spy Review AzonSpy is a superb training course on how to do affiliate marketing with Amazon products the *RIGHT WAY*. Not only this, some superb nice & product-finding software which will take out the guesswork when it comes to trying to decide which is the *best* niche to select (the hardest part of the process I believe!) The 5 module training course and AzonSpy software make this WSO a top product, and as I say in the video above, if you’re not yet satisfied with your Amazon affiliate marketing results, or have even given up after have had a go & not achieving the success you wanted, then AzonSpy is definitely for you. Here is a detailed breakdown of everything in the training program: Module 1: Product Selection – How to find profitable Amazon products to build a niche website around and promote. Step-by-step instructions on how you can ensure that you pick a winning product each time – Amazon Product Criteria & Guidelines: Learn the exact criteria used to find products with high search volume, low competition, and solid commissions and conversion. – Finding HOT Products to Promote: Strategies to help you find products that trending and have huge spikes of search volume, and how to capitalize on them. – Brand vs Product Name vs Product Type: explains the different options when promoting Amazon products, along with the pros and cons for each. – Keyword Research (Expanding Your Keyword List): A blueprint keyword research formula to use so you can find winning products
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Your Boss Blows Episode 2a – Make Money Online – In episode No. 2 I share two simple techniques I use to make extra money online — writing reviews on products and website hosting. I lay out the foundation for the detailed step-by-step procedures which are to follow in my upcoming shows. I continue to give you information about who I am and why you should trust what I offer. I also give you personal examples of how I have made money online. I show you how an eBook called the Amazonian Profit Plan revolutionized my selling business. I share some of the benefits I garnered from this eBook, including how to write reviews for Amazon products and get paid and how to get paid from the creation of shopping lists. I also give you alternatives if the Amazon Associate Program is not available in your area. I explain that just a few of the other affiliate networks I have used are, ShareASale, LinkShare, ClickBank, and Commission Junction. I recommend using Blue Host or Host Gator as your hosting service and avoiding 1-on-1 because they have poor service and extremely slow servers. I continue to share techniques on choosing a domain name for your product reviews. If you are a technical expert or you specialize in any area, I recommend conducting product reviews along those lines. However, I also show you the secrets of finding the information you need in order to write an excellent review without ever purchasing the product itself. Take the steps to get started making money online. Buy your domain