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Post Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Tracking Software Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate tracking/affiliate program software developed by Quality Unit. It is one of the most popular choices for establishing self-hosted/managed affiliate program. This video shows basic overview of Post Affiliate Pro 4 merchant control panel – main sections of application, basic explanation of interface and functionality. To read full review, comparison and detailed explanation of Post Affiliate Pro features that are worth paying please visit:


Post Affiliate Pro Review – Affiliate Tracking Software Hey, tell me about Post Affiliate Pro. Is it good affiliate-tracking software? Yes, it is mature solution for self-hosted affiliate programs. Post Affiliate Pro utilizes 3 layers of tracking resulting in fewer untracked sales and more accurate reporting; it also supports SEO friendly affiliate-links so you get higher rankings in Search Engines. Ok, sound good, are there any cons? Well, there are couple possible obstacles, decide for yourself if they are important to you: Quality Unit — the company that is behind Post Affiliate Pro is based in European Union and therefore ticket response time for US customers can be slightly higher than you used to because of the time difference. If your edition of Post Affiliate Pro comes with “Full Integration” or you purchase it separately it may take up to several days; keep this in mind if you’re not comfortable with installing scripts on your own server and need everything ASAP. I can handle that, anything else I need to know? Post Affiliate Pro has built in email newsletter system that you may decide to use to keep in touch with your affiliates. If you have a lot of affiliates (several thousands) sending all the communications from your internal email system may be a bad idea as it is not designed for mass email communications and a lot of hosts impose limit on number of emails you can send, this really isn’t Post Affiliate Pro’s fault… and you should be using email service like Aweber for things like that. That is about