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How to promote affiliate links on Craigslist

This video shows how to correctly put an affiliate link in a Craigslist Ad to help keep your ad from being flagged. Visit project payday to start making mone…
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Post Affiliate Pro 4 – Affiliate Program Software Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate tracking/affiliate program software developed by Quality Unit. It is one of the most popular choices for establishing self-hosted/managed affiliate program. This video shows basic overview of Post Affiliate Pro 4 affiliate control panel and introduces new affiliate to basic functionality — affiliate links, how to get banners, create sub id, stats and notifications. To read full review, comparison and detailed explanation of Post Affiliate Pro features that are worth paying please visit:
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Affiliate Marketing Tip – Choosing Great Domain Names For Your Niche Websites

If you know how to sell an affiliate product effectively, then you would be able to make real money online. Actually, selling affiliate products is the best way for a newbie internet marketer to make money online. And if you know how to sell an affiliate product effectively, then you can stand out yourself from the crowd of losers.

So here are the 6 killer ways to sell an affiliate product effectively:

1. Autoresponder – Take a little search to find a good autoresponder for your affiliate website. Some websites offer you autoresponder service for a monthly subscription fee. And some other websites offer you to buy their autoresponder software for a one time fee. Thereafter, you can install that software on your server. And you don’t need to pay anything in future. Choose the option which is better for you. An autoresponder can effectively increase your sales.

2. Make a killer opt-in page – Create an opt-in page for your autoresponder. Use killer heading and graphic for this page. Also use bullets for the points. Title should be attention grabbing and focused to your main keywords. Your main purpose is to excite your visitors to sign up for a free e-course or ebook – not to push to buy a product. Promise something big in your opt-in page and deliver it on your follow-up emails.

3. FREE report – Collect some of your articles and convert it into PDF format. A 10-page ebook is good for a FREE report. Add your affiliate links on each page of this ebook. Give this FREE report to your subscribers. Don’t forget to promote other relevant products on this ebook.

4. Write informative follow-up emails – Write some short informative emails for your subscribers. Provide good information on your emails and recommend them to see to the merchant site through the affiliate links. Deliver messages on every two days.

5. Research to find relevant sites – You need to invest some time on Google to find the relevant affiliate sites on your niche. Offer them to use your free ebook as a bonus gift for their visitors. Also, submit this ebook to several free ebook directories.

6. Extra promotions – Create a hubpage account on and write some informative articles on your niche. Also write reviews of your affiliate product on it. And don’t forget to add your back-links on them. It will increase your presence on search engines and also deliver your more traffic. You can also do the same thing on

So, these are the 6 killer ways to promote any affiliate product and make quick money. Now, you have known how to promote an affiliate product and make real money online. You only need to do something with this information and probably you will have some quick sales and money on your ClickBank account.

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