Startups Uncensored #24 – Affiliate Marketing with @ShoeMoney

Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar, continues to host the largest ongoing tech event in Southern California, Startups Uncensored. It’s a forum where well-known entrepreneurs are able to share their lessons and experiences. translation . Startups Uncensored #24 features Jeremy Schoemaker. buiten bar . Widely known by his nickname ShoeMoney, Jeremy is an important player in the affiliate marketing world. Rated as the most influential person on the internet by Fast Company, Jeremy is an expert on PPC, arbitrage, SEM, branding, and online income optimization. Watch as Jason delves into Jeremy’s incredible journey from unemployment to building a vast internet business that has successfully marketed millions of dollars in products. Jeremy shares his story and knowledge with unmistakable flair and candor.
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    Thanks for the comment! Be sure to´╗┐ check out our next event with the Founders of Beachmint on May 10!

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