Internet Marketing – What is internet marketing and does Google own a zoo?

www.thebestwebfiles.com Internet Marketing – What is internet marketing and does google own a zoo? In this video about internet marketing I wanted to address what internet marketing entails and create a better definition for those that may be a little lost. As I’m sure most of you that are more advanced have realized the google zoo is about the panda and penguin updates. I’m sure this is like most of you just starting out trying to make your own little business online. Information overload is a big issue to those new to internet marketing. You may have several people telling you to try this or that or to buy this new product. This can become even more confusing when you look at all the sub-niches of internet marketing. These sub-niches include affiliate marketing, which is selling someone else product and getting percentage of the commission. Affiliate marketing is also a broad topic and can be applied to several sub-niches of internet marketing. The remaining sub-niches of internet marketing are SEO or search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and traffic generation. Several other sub-niches exist these tend to be the most prevalent. This simplest description of internet marketing is showing the right people the right message at the right time… This may sound confusing so I hope this clarifies. Internet marketing is, showing the value of a product or service and how by using the product or service the buyer will be able to
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