How to generate leads using Craigslist for your affiliate program GDI

watch the entire video here: How to generate leads using Craigslist for your affiliate program Amazon Associates eBay Clickbank Adsense GDI Infinity Downline Affiliate Marketing

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  • AnitaCock March 6, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Reviews : Craigslist really sucks. the bottom feeders on there and the flagging for no reason. Untill they fix the flagging issue it sucks and i cant recommend it. Its a waste of time…The Craig bots are getting stronger ,smarter and straight rude. Time for Craig to step to the side….This score rates Craigslist customer service and customer support as Terrible.
    633 Negative Comments out of 652 Total Comments is 97.09%.
    19 Positive Comments out of 652 Total Comments is 2.91%.

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