Create Affiliate Niche Product Sites With Deadbeat Millionaire Automated Website Creation Software

Click Here: create affiliate niche site, build niche site, build product site When you purchase and gain access to the member’s area, you find 4 niche sites promoting a Clickbank product; right now it’s 4 narrow niches from 2 broader ones. Each comes with a video tutorial and a pdf file. The pdf contains a list of keyword ideas – the niche I picked had around 70, mostly 3-5 word phrases. It was quick and easy to find an exact-match domain for a suitable phrase (although I did my own research instead of using the list). The pdf also gives you an affiliate link for a Clickbank product that has been read and reviewed (you get the review article with the site). The pdf says that you get a starter pack of articles, but I couldn’t see any. As the site sets up with articles already installed presumably that’s them. You’re given a few links to sites that have more information on the subject, if you want to gen up on it. It briefly covers backlinking and there are a few relevant forum and web 2.0 links that that you can use to promote your site. The software is really easy to use. Once you have your domain name and hosting account set up, you enter a few details like your cpanel login and click a button to install. Within minutes you have a proper site, with articles (7 with the niche I chose) including a Clickbank product review, a theme, images, a social networking plugin and squeeze page generator. You’ll want to do more to the site, like changing

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  • tee_dove August 31, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Once a footballer signs a professional contract,he automatically becomes a millionaire!!

  • stepherzx0 September 5, 2012 at 2:07 am

    Can a woman make you a millionaire? Yes, but only if you are a billionaire.

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