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Zeek Rewards Review – Legit Biz Or Total Hoax? Here Are The Facts

It is very difficult to write a review about a product like Affilorama, because there are just a few words that can actually describe how useful and great this product is. This product has a great value in affiliate marketing.

1. What Is Affilorama?

When you’ll enter the sales page, you might feel that it’s fake because it has so much to offer. But to clear all those minds, this product is authentic and genuine for sure. This product does not come in the list of those products that have a lot to promise and not even a half to deliver. The sale page actually contains a letter from its owner “Mark Ling” and tells us how he can help us in making our professional lives better. Once you become a member, you’ll find a lot which includes tons of informative videos, instructions on making websites, Research by keyword, step by step plans for marketing, blogs and a lot more.

2. What You Will Learn in This Affiliate Marketing Training?

Mark keeps on adding more and more videos so that we have a proper knowledge of all those advanced marketing tips. Mark keeps on helping and guiding the members through chats and blogs. Affilorama has been awarded to be the best product several times; this sure is a proof for all those who don’t believe in affiliate marketing. The best source of help for a new affiliate marketer is this product.

Now think! How amazing it feels to be helped or guided by a professional like Mark. Mark has always taken time out for newbie marketers like us. This is what makes him and Affilorama special. Mark usually tries to answers our questions or even solves our problems by just posting some new useful videos.

3. Can You Really Make Money with Affilorama?

This is NOT one of those products that we just get and think we are done; the rest is up to this product let it make money for us. We actually have to put in our efforts to make our dreams come true. If we are one of those who are hard working and patient then this product is the right choice for us. There sure is nothing better than Affilorama for new affiliate marketers.

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Coffee Shop Millionaire – Detailed Review

What is Google fast cash reviews? Essentially, the system is an online business coaching program that illustrates how the product user can start an online business, from the comforts of their home. A guide is sent to the product buyer that explains how to create multiple, promotional websites on the internet. The guide claims that there are many successful internet marketers who follow the exact step-by-step instructions provided. The way income is earned is that the user learns how to find the best promotional Affiliate programs to promote on the website as well as add a few promotional links and banner advertisements. As the site owner markets these websites throughout the internet, they receive commissions for every purchase or lead received to the merchant, from the site. Here are some pros and cons that look into the how the system works, in more detail.

Google Fast Cash Reviews Pros

  1. The product user can start a home-based business while working from home.
  2. A person’s daily commute and gas expenses are eliminated.
  3. Working from home means there are no office politics or demanding bosses to worry about.

Google Fast Cash Reviews Cons

  1. Making the system a success requires that the product user be a self-learner.
  2. The process takes approximately 2 weeks to learn.
  3. Working from home, in seclusion, may become boring after a while.

Common Questions

What kind of Affiliate programs are available to promote? There are numerous affiliate marketplaces, online and all contains different products. Some products and services include e-books, software, coaching programs, and services. The website owner has a choice of which product and niche they want to promote.

Does the program require that someone be experienced in internet marketing? No. The system provides easy-to-follow instructions on various techniques to market each website throughout the internet. Some marketing channels may involve social networking, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, and social book marketing.

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Best Small Business To Start In 2012

When I heard there was going to be a launch of a product called Coffee Shop Millionaire, it intrigued me so I pulled some strings and was able to get a look into what this product was all about, so here is what you get when you become a member of Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Before I begin, I have to tell you that this product is set up in a very unique way, it basically has self made millionaires telling how they were able to become exactly that. Since there is so much content within this product I am going to try and tell you exactly about each section of the course but since there is so much that comes with this product I will not be able to cover all the specifics of Coffee Shop Millionaire, because it would make this article way to long.

So here are all the sections that you will get if you become a member of Coffee Shop Millionaire, before I go further I think it is important for me to note that each of the video’s are Standard, High Def, and can be Downloaded in video, audio, or pod casting formats.

Cash Machines Section – This is broken down into 4 parts and they are:

Local Cash Machine – shows you how to make an extra $500 to $2000 as a local internet marketing consultant, this is a very easy to get going. This does not even require cold calling or anything like that. They even show you how to outsource if you do not want to do this yourself, and even though it is local they show you exactly how to do this in other cities as well.

Newsletter Cash Machine– This shows you how to get money anywhere from about $1,500 to $3,000 a month by sending simple email newsletters to customers and subscribers and website visitors of an existing business. Essentially it is list management, and the nice part is you are getting paid to leverage other peoples assets.

Article Cash Machine – this shows you how to make money as a Freelance Article writer. This shows you how to start out with no experience, no clients, etc. and how to start earning $5000 a month in income, very fast. This is broken down into 3 parts

1. Brief introduction on article writing, success mindset, setting up “Tools of the Trade”
2. How to quickly write and deliver articles.
3. How to get paying clients fast.

Video Cash Machine- This shows you how to create 30 to 90 second promotion video for local businesses and exactly how to get this up and running.

Million Dollar Launch Secrets Section – This is then broken down into 15 parts, each part is fairly self explanatory:

  1. Product Creation
  2. Army of Affiliates
  3. Art of Launches
  4. Getting Affiliates Excited
  5. New Partnerships
  6. Keys to a Mega Launch
  7. Launch Contest
  8. Launch Processes
  9. Meet Big Players
  10. Rolling Launches
  11. The Launch Schedule
  12. The Ultimate Product Pack – 21k System
  13. Underground Affiliates
  14. Upsell Path
  15. Webinar Replays

Skill Set Video’s Section – This is then broken down into 3 parts that each then go into a lot of detail, that slowly builds up your knowledge of internet marketing:

Beginner – Covers Fundamentals, Mindset, and Keyword Research

Intermediate – This covers Blogging, Membership Sites, Million Dollar Sales, Traffic ( this includes Ad Swaps, Forum Marketing, Link Building, PPC, SEO, Podcasting, Press Releases, Video Traffic, JV Traffic.)

Advance – This covers The Next Level, Advanced Webinar Replay

The next section is Tech Tutorials – this section covers just about any technical question or problem that you may ever come across, it is broken down into 13 Parts:

  1. Registering Domains
  2. Hosting Setup
  3. Modify Content
  4. Autoresponder Setup
  5. Adding Audio and Video
  6. Adding PayPal Button
  7. Adding ClickBank Payment Button
  8. Blogger Setup
  9. WordPress Setup
  10. Upload using FTP
  11. PHP Redirect
  12. Elance
  13. EzineArticle Submission

The next section is Your Content Library (pretty self explanatory)

Bonuses Section – Kevin Wilke, Now I am sure there is more coming in this BONUS SECTION, however I am getting a look at this product ahead of the actual launch so I am not completely sure what all of the bonuses are.

Rolodex Section – Is divided into 2 parts they are:

Rolodex – This has a list of basically all the RESOURCES that you are going to need in running a profitable and successful online business.

Coffee Shop Millionaires Interviews – Once again I am getting a look before the actual release of the product, however this is where there are going to be interviews with people who have started out with basically a job at a Coffee Shop (hence the name for the product) and have made themselves into millionaires.


PRO’s of Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • They give you a complete model of how to start a profitable online business.
  • You can start setting up your online business by just doing it part time.
  • They give several ways for you to start making money online, so you do not have to follow just one way of starting to create an online income.
  • You can learn from real life examples of people who started essentially from where you are, and are now millionaires.
  • All of the ways that Coffee Shop Millionaire explains on how to start a successful online business, are very realistic and easy to implement. So if you get this course and do not start earning money online, then the only person you have to blame is yourself for not TAKING ACTION.
  • Although this is a membership site, it will most likely save you money in the long run of things, this is because most people buy a product and then purchase another product as soon as they get an email in their inbox selling them on the newest way to start making money online. However if you know that you already are going to be having a certain amount of income going towards your membership fee you are going to be less likely to purchase another product and stick with just this, which if you follow their easy directions you will be able to start earning money online.
  • The other upside is that since it is a membership site you are going to be getting the newest and best information, on internet marketing.
  • Coffee Shop Millionaire is perfect for both new and experienced internet marketers, because it covers each of the ways to make money online very well.
  • A lot of the income streams that Coffee Shop Millionaire shows you how to make can be outsourced either in the beginning or after you start to make money with it and can then afford to outsource it.
  • You get your money’s worth from the Content Library alone.

CON’s of Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • It is a membership site, I am not usually very fond of sites that you have to keep renewing each month. (although you could get this product and then download all of the initial content and then unsubscribe from the site.)
  • There is so much information that it is possible that some may get information overload, however unlike most products where you are learning just one single system, you will be able to learn about several different ways to create an online income and some of these are very easy to start implementing right away.
  • As with most internet marketing products, experienced internet marketers may get bored with certain parts of Coffee Shop Millionaire, because they will already know some of the parts that are covered by this product. However that is to be expected with most products in the internet marketing niche.


Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very well put together product that will show you several different ways to start making money online, and very fast as well. The nice thing about this product is that since it shows you how to create multiple streams of online income, you can get one stream of income flowing in and then start on another.

It would be very realistic for someone to expect to be able to start earning a part time or even a full time income from what they learn from Coffee Shop Millionaire, it is even quite possible to become a millionaire after you begin to take action and start creating multiple streams of income, from what you have learned with this product. Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very good product for anyone who is serous about earning money online.

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Affiliate Marketing Companies – Review Host Rocket

Affiliate Marketing Companies – Review Host Rocket

The basic premise behind affiliate marketing – and I’ll refer to “online” affiliate marketing for the purpose of these reviews – is that as an affiliate, you are able to promote and get paid to sell other people’s/companies products via your website. The great advantage in being an “affiliate,” is that normally you have no products to inventory or ship. Almost all of these companies upload their products onto your site, and you get paid when a sale is made through your site. Although there can be slight variations in this business model, most affiliate marketing companies employ the some basic concept. In this series of articles, I will be attempting to give you a fair and honest assessment of online companies that offer work from home affiliate marketing opportunities.

Host Rocket

Host Rocket is a 13-year old corporation providing website design and web, e-commerce and application hosting to over 50,000 websites. Like all affiliate marketing companies, HotRocket.Com, Inc. pays you when you make a sale through their company. In this case, you can earn $150 for everyone you send to their site who buys one of their hosting packages. When you run the numbers that adds up to a significant income if you’re willing to do whatever it takes (writing articles, blogging, etc) to generate traffic. For example, let’s say you send one visitor per day to their site that makes a purchase: 7 x $150 = $1050 per week, or $54,600 per year. I’m giving you conservative numbers here because once your articles and blogs start to get noticed, your income will increase exponentially.


· Well-established web-hosting company

· Generous pay-outs

· High conversion rate (meaning a substantial number of people you send to their site will make a purchase.


· Web-hosting is one of the most competitive arenas in the world

· Too many of complaints on the Internet about this company, not necessarily from affiliates, but from the companies for whom they host.

Rating: C

More and more, people are scoping out affiliate marketing companies as a potential home based business opportunity, and why not? No boss, flexible hours, as well as unlimited income can be yours – if you choose the affiliate marketing company that’s right for you. However, never rely solely on the recommendation of someone else when you’re looking at a prospective home based business opportunity – not even mine! Make sure you always do your due diligence, and ask yourself these four questions:

1. Is this really a legitimate business?

2. Is this an opportunity that would be “fun” for me?

3. Can I afford this opportunity?

4. Does this business afford me the opportunity to meet my long-term financial goals?

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Affiliate Marketing Companies – Review Host Rocket


Affiliate Marketing Tool Review: Commission Crusher

Affiliate Marketing Tool Review: Commission Crusher

You possibly already came across Commission Crusher; one of the most popular affiliate software. You might have already come across some push button software to increase your commissions, and some didn’t work. If you would like to get the picture if the Commission Crusher is true and it could work for your business, check out the detailed insider review.

What Does the Commission Crusher Promise to do?
It promises a solution to cash in up to $400 a day with Clickbank. There is a video on the site explaining how it is done. The page says that this new software will piss off many people in the Internet marketing industry. And if the claims are real, it is sure, because there are so many failing affiliate marketers out there, looking to improve their statistics and conversions. The software allows you to increase your commissions without creating a lot of content, doing social bookmarking, or any other tricks.

Are There any Guarantees that the Clickbank Software Works?
There are certified screens hots on the site, and you can also watch the video revealing how the software works. The best thing is that you can test the software yourself, without any risks. The checks in the video are real, and you can get your hands on them, without working more in your affiliate marketing.

Is it True that the Commission Crusher is Really a Three Step System?
According to the reviews, all you need to do is to activate the software, configure the settings and cash in. Now, you will definitely need to choose the right affiliate programs to join, before you can maximize your profits, but if you can automate the process, you can simply set up and start cashing in from different offers.

The Marketer Behind Commission Crusher
The person is Steve Iser, a young guy, who discovered affiliate marketing by accident. He was deeply in debt, and after building his affiliate marketing business, started to think about making more money each day without working more. That is when he decided to create the software. You need to know that the Commission Crusher is only available for 50 downloads, as he doesn’t want too many people to learn about the method that makes him 4-500 dollars a day. He spent 3 nights and days to complete the system.

Are you offered a Guarantee Commission Crusher?
There is a hundred percent 60 day money-back guarantee on the software, so you don’t risk anything. Without having to answer any questions, you can get your money back if the Commission Crusher does not work out for you.

Is there anything left out from Commission Crusher?
I would say that the only thing missing from the system is some guidance on how to choose an affiliate merchant, offer and system. But if you already know that, you can start cashing on immediately.

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Affiliate Marketing Tool Review: Commission Crusher


Automated Profit Package Review

Affiliate Marketing has been and will be one of the more popular methods to earning an income from home because of its inexpensiveness, the ability to work at your own pace and schedule and its long-term residual income. Although there are other home businesses out there that take a little less effort, affiliate marketing has one of the highest success rates due to multiple ways to promote your business and earn income. Another reason that makes this type of business so popular is the support you can get from some affiliate marketing companies. These select companies will do as much as create your website for you, lead you through a step by step process of understanding how to use your website and how to manage it, offer great companies to affiliate yourself with that you can advertise on your website or others and give you the latest training and strategies to being successful in affiliate marketing online. Can you start to see why this is the best business to start in 2012?

Not all of the things that are offered to you in these affiliate marketing companies are free however. Some of the companies they offer to get affiliated with cost you. They basically have the mentality of being a product of the product. For example, if I choose affiliate myself with a company that offers a useful keyword research tool but they charge you to become affiliated with the company that offers it as well as being able to use it. I’d most likely choose to purchase the product to better my business with the tool as well as the affiliation to generate income off of. Most of the tools out there are very affordable but there are a few affiliates that run you a ton of money if you are starting a new business. It’s best to use the necessary tools to get traffic to your site and make a steady flow of commissions first and then gradually invest into the more expensive affiliations.

Another great reason why this is the best small business to start in 2012 is the multiple avenues of approach you can advertise your business. You can write articles on numerous websites, post blogs on Facebook, create videos on YouTube or just place banner ads on popular websites. It is highly recommended to use all of the methods listed above because it will get mass amounts of traffic from all different sources, thus giving you a better opportunity to generate more income. I hope you found this article inspiring and motivating. Good luck!

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The Effects of Technology on Marketing Management and Products and Prices

Welcome to my personal review of Automated Profit Package the brand new make money online system created by Tim Carlson.

Why this review? – I have personally bought and used the system and I find it has a massive amount of information related to internet marketing and I would like to share this information with people who are starting out in this new field.

My detailed walk through of the automated profit package system (What you actually get inside the members area)

The first section of automated profit package: Getting Started, covers the following topics.

  • Get your free website
  • Get instant customers
  • Submit Websites to DMOZ
  • PPC Marketing Introduction
  • What is Google AdWords & How it works
  • Open a Google AdWords account

The first section is all about setting yourself up with a free website so that you can make some money, as well as showing you how to get your free website this section introduces Google AdWords (Google make their billions from advertising revenue) The video guides in this section explain how Google works and show you how to open your very own Google AdWords account.

The second section of automated profit package: Google Training, covers the following topics.

  • Introduction to campaigns
  • Introduction to ad groups
  • Introduction to keywords
  • Introduction to AdWords terminology
  • Introduction to keyword selection
  • Introduction to keyword tools
  • Creating campaigns
  • Creating text adverts
  • Creating ad groups
  • Choosing languages and geographic locations
  • Writing advertisements
  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • Writing killer text adverts
  • A great “Desire” keyword list
  • Keyword match types
  • Content advertising
  • Creating images adverts
  • Creating video adverts
  • Creating mobile adverts
  • Introduction to site targeted advertising

The second section contains guides and video tutorials that are all based around Google AdWords, this impressive collection of guides enable you to understand Google AdWords and show you how to set up your very first internet marketing advertising campaign, using Google.

The third section of automated profit package: Advanced Marketing, covers the following topics.

  • Online Marketing in Depth
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Choosing Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Tips & Mistakes
  • Finding Affiliate Companies
  • Signing Up with ClickBank
  • Signing Up with PayDotCom
  • Signing Up with Commission Junction
  • Landing Pages
  • Using Blogs
  • Blog traffic
  • Forums and blog postings
  • SEO and keywords
  • Social marketing
  • Directory portals
  • Classified marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Viral marketing

The third section of automated profit package is a large collection of video tutorials and affiliate guides, in short this section covers pretty much everything you need to know to get started in affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general.

The last section of automated profit package: General Business, covers the following topics.

  • Introduction to Business Entities Video
  • Organization Tips Video
  • Creating a Brand For Your Business Video
  • The Importance of Goal Setting
  • Allocating Time Correctly Video

The final section covers a lot of information relating to actually starting an online business, what to look out for and what not to do. This section also has a heavy emphasis on actually getting some work done, rather than wasting time on Facebook etc.

Summary of my review of the Automated Profit Package by Tim Carlson

I highly recommend this system to beginners that are looking to enter the world of internet marketing and who want to either make a little bit of extra money or actually want to start a new career making money online. The system is an easy step by step guide to make money online the steps are as follows

  1. Get your free website
  2. Get visitors to your new website (by creating an internet advertising campaign with Google)
  3. Make sales from these visitors
  4. Receive commissions (money!) from the sales

Pros of Automated Profit Package

  • Simple step by step guide to make money online
  • It is affordable
  • The system require no technical skills
  • The system requires no SEO skills
  • Instant ability to make money
  • Huge knowledge base of video guides and tutorials
  • Free PPC vouchers

Cons of Automated Profit Package

  • You are offered optional extras that are not really needed
  • You get a few emails promoting other products

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Affiliate Marketing – Review of High Performance Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – Review Of High Performance Affiliate Marketing

High Performance Affiliate Marketing is an ebook by Jeremy Palmer. This ebook could be considered the ultimate guide for beginning affiliate marketers. It takes you through all of the basic steps of affiliate marketing, from choosing a niche to marketing your products.

The e-book starts out by explaining affiliate marketing in a way that no one has ever done before. Even though the book is only 140 pages, it still manages to touch on every aspect of affiliate online marketing. The pages are packed with great advice, tips, and step by step instructions that will lead you to success.

High Performance Affiliate Marketing doesn’t stray into other forms of internet marketing as many similar ebooks tend to do. However, it doesn’t stop with choosing affiliate products either. The primary goal of the book is to get you up and running from nothing. This is accomplished by teaching beginning marketers how to choose a niche, choose products, and even build a website with a landing page.

Many similar e-books tend to leave the reader with the question, “I have my website and affiliate products, what do I do now?” This book does not do that at all. You are given very specific information about how to find keywords to use in your marketing and how to use those keywords to drive traffic to your site. There are several great traffic generation techniques included that are easy to implement. Best of all, most of the resources suggested in the book are free or low cost.

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Affiliate Marketing – Review Of High Performance Affiliate Marketing


Free Website Content Using Affiliate Product Data Feed

One of the first decisions you make when you set up a new site is the domain name. In today’s affiliate marketing tip, I want to share some tips with you that help you choose great domain names for your niche websites. Keep these in mind and you’ll end up with something that will help you grow your site and your brand over the coming months and years. Let’s dig right in.

Make It Memorable…. And Easy to Spell

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a domain name is that it has to be easy to remember. You also want to make sure it’s easy to spell. There will be plenty of opportunities down the road where you’ll mention your site on a podcast, in an article or in a conversation. To make sure it’s easy to remember, stay away from any dashes and don’t use numbers instead of words (for example don’t’ use “2” instead of the words “to” or “two”).

I like to run my domain name choices by a friend or family member and see what they think. If they can still remember it after 5 minutes, it’s usually a pretty good pick. If they can’t, it’s time to start from scratch.

Keywords Help Too

Of course having your main keyword part of your domain name helps. If possible, work it in there. Not only will it help with search engine traffic down the road, it also helps clarify what your site is about for your visitors.

That being said, don’t sweat it if you can’t get your best keyword in the domain name. It’s much more important that you end up with something that’s easy to type and remember. The SEO benefits from a keyword-rich domain name can be overcome with a little extra work.

Stick Extensions

Last but not least, let’s talk about extensions. The most well-known one, but these days there are all sorts of other extensions that are available including .info, .net, .org, .co, .mobi etc. Unless you are building a site in a country other than the United States, stick with a .com extension. If you are in a different country use the one most commonly used there. For example, if you are building a site for a German audience, you want to use a .de extension.

The main reason for using the extension most commonly used is that people will automatically go to the site with that extension and you may as well take advantage of all that traffic.

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The Affiliate Code Review – Does it Really Work?

One of the most important things that you will have to do to earn money in your affiliate marketing business is to promote product to your customer. If you are following a proven business model, you should have already put in the time and effort to build you own customer list. There are 2 questions that you will have to ask yourself.

o The 1st question is why you need to choose a good affiliate product?

Credibility and trust is a very important factor in a successful business. If you want to have a long term business, you will need to provide good products or services to your customer. When the customers feel that you are someone that they can trust, they will be more inclined to buy future products that you will be recommending to them. Take note that it will only take one bad promotion of lousy product that will destroy all your trust.

o The 2nd question is how to choose and evaluate a good product?

The easiest approach is to buy the product yourself so that you will have a good review of the product. If you find that you have benefited from the product, it will most likely be a good product and you can promote to your customer.

The 2nd approach that you can use is to send a email to the merchant and tell the merchant that you are interested in promoting his product. You can ask for a review copy of the product. Most of the merchant will be willing to give you a review copy as they will be happy that there are people promoting their products. You will have the opportunity to do a honest review of the product.

Once you have understood the reasons why you need to choose a good product, the next thing that you will have to do is to choose and evaluate the product. You should always ask yourself what are the benefits that your customer is going to get if they purchase the product. When you focus on giving values to the customer, you will definitely improve your business.

So is “The Affiliate Code” suitable for you? You can read more of what this product can offer by clicking Affiliate Code Review. You can also compare the product against other Internet Marketing products by visiting my review section on my website by clicking Make Money Online.