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We buy and test a lot of Affiliate Marketing Products and join Affiliate Marketing Programs, mainly to see if they are worth adding to our arsenal.

As you know, a good share of these products and programs just don’t live up to the hype and recently we have found this more to be true than ever before.

Keep an eye on our blog for “Honest Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews” and “Honest Affiliate Marketing Program Reviews” whether they be good or bad,they will be honest.

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My team and I have had many discussions about the quality of the products and programs on the market today and just as important is the support for the product.

In fact it has become so bad that even Clickbank is changing their rules due to the high number of refunds customers are requesting.

This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.   We have a stack of products in our inventory that stopped working as claimed and cannot get any kind of support for or even so much as a response from the creators.

AND – several of these came from some BIG name gurus.

So.  Who do you trust?  I have to say, this list is getting a lot shorter.  There are a few names out there that we trust implicitly, but it must be an earned trust.  In this economy, everybody is trying to make a quick dime, no matter the long term ramifications.

Watch our Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews blog for an honest look at the products and programs we purchase and test.   We don’t get free products, so don’t owe any of these “Gurus” any allegiance.

At Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews we will give you an honest review of the product, whether good or bad.

We have quite a few Affiliate Marketing products that just simply don’t work as advertised.   The keyword research piece of the software doesn’t work.  An Auto-backlink builder that doesn’t allow you to select the keyword it uses to link with and the list goes on.   We also have had issues with a couple of hosting companies that were unacceptable, but those are stories for another day.

We are looking for “Guest” bloggers who have run up against similar issues. 

Now, this is NOT a bitch fest, don’t volunteer to be a guest blogger just to complain about everything on the market.

If, however you have a legitimate complaint about a particular product or program that “DOES NOT WORK” of you don’t get support for, send us a well written article with “proof points” and we may well post it on this site.

This Is Your Chance To Be Heard And It Won’t Cost You A Dime, but Be Honest and Don’t Make Things Up!

We WILL check with the creators of the product or program to verify the information.

If, on the other hand you have had tremendous results with a particular product or program, write us about that also.  We love to Highlight Affiliate Marketing Products and Programs with Integrity.

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Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews